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My main domain is "".  I have, without knowing better, been setting up another domain name first, "".  

dctax is now the primary index under "public_html" and seems to be working fine.  Now though, I want to set up simplyserve but when I try to install from softaculous it says there's already an installation at

I believe I need to make one of them an "Add-On" domain.  My problem is that dctax appears to be in the main domain's file, while simplyserve is designated as the main domain.  
My concerns are, if I change the Main domain to "dctax" will it mess up any of the files already in place.  If I make dctax an addon domain, will that mess up any files.  It doesn't matter to me (unless it should for some reason) which is the main domain and which is the addon, but I'm nervous about guessing and messing everything up.

Thank you for any help, guidance, suggestions you can give me.

Arnel C
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Thanks for expressing your concern over moving your site from being a primary domain to an addon domain. As you have stated, it really doesn't matter which is the addon domain and which is the primary domain.  Both are still handled as websites on your account.  It just really a matter of labels and file locations. Primary domain files are located directly under the public_html folder when you look at your files with the File Manager in cPanel.  It used to be that Addon domain files would go under a folder UNDER the public_html folder.  However, this is no longer the case.  You can also change the location of the folder by going into the cPanel and managing the Addon domain. To learn more you can read through this article about Addon domain files.

However, you need not be concerned and you can leave it as it is.  Both websites will be handled separately and the files for each are in separate folders for each respective site.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.