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Temp URL for Resellers

develop 5 months ago in Technical Support / Reseller Hosting updated by Carlos D (Content Marketing Coordinator) 5 months ago 1

I am an InMotion Reseller. I installed Wordpress in an account using the live domain (being transferred to InMotion) but can't get to Wordpress to edit. Tried temp URL as per your help documents, but not working. What's the temp URL format for a reseller account?


Hello develop,

Thank you for your question. You can determine your customer’s temp URL by viewing your main TEMP URL, then changing the Username at the end.

For example, if your Temp URL is: http://ecresXXX.servconfig.com/~userna5

You would replace the username (userna5) at the end, with the cPanel username for the account you want to access.

For example:

Thank you,