How much Bandwidth and Disk space as a Reseller?

  • Answered
I have made a lot of research with other web hosting companies but still cannot figure out what to offer as a reseller. What I will be doing is offer a complete website and hosting for one price.

How do I go about to figure out how much bandwith and disk space to put in my cpanel accounts. What would be a good amount of disk space and bandwidth for an e-commerce site and for a personnal site.

Thank you for your help.
Hello rdizazzo, Thank you for your contacting us about determining how much disk space and bandwidth to offer as a reseller. It all depends on your budget and how many customers you plan on hosting. If you are just starting out, you could divide your resources into separate plans. For example if you are purchasing our mid-line Reseller Hosting plan (R-2000S), it currently includes the following features: Disk space: 120GB Bandwidth: 1,200GB/mo You could then create 10 accounts with the following features: Disk space: 12GB Bandwidth: 120GB/mo The price really depends on how much profit you want to make. As an example, if you charged $5 a month for each of those 10 accounts, you would make $50 a month. The size of e-commerce, and personal sites really depends on the nature of them. A personal site may require a lot of space if it is a photo blog. E-commerce site size depends on the amount and type of products that they are selling. Keep in mind, these settings can always be adjusted in your WHM (Web Host Manager). InMotion Hosting can also grow with you, if you need to upgrade your Bandwidth, or Disk Space at any time. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul