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How to Attach An Email Disclaimer

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
How to attach email disclaimer for external use on my account

Placing a url link in email

InMotionFans 3 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
I am using RoundCube and I cannot find a way to include a link to a website. I don't want to post the whole link in the email....just a phrase like "click here." But I don't see any way to do this. Please help.

Is there a "hard reset" for Roundcube?

chrispo 4 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
My Roundcube webmail seems to be bungled up (whereas Squirrelmail and other clients are fine). Is there a way to do a hard reset on Roundcube?

In particular, when I attempt to delete or move emails in custom folders I get a "Server Error: SELECT: Invalid mailbox name (0.000 + 0.000 secs)." error message. This is particular to Roundcube.

thanks -- chrispo

Unable to access webmail account

exceladvocates 4 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
Using www.exceladvocates.com/webmail URL unable to login. Need to change password for our email account Help is required. SKYPE chat people told me to contact customer care, but do not know the number to call them. Please provide me customer care contact details

My HTML settings for Email signature are not holding in new email

InMotionFans 4 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
I followed the instructions and setting up signature with HTML settings to add colored text & email, website link. After I save & bring up an email to write, none of the settings are coming up. The links work when emailing to a gmail account, but the colored text does not come through. I know that it has worked with other email programs.

I am unable to my round cube webmail in android

Could you please let me know the settings for my rou d cube webmail on android device
Server is

Roundcube doesn't receive Mails

Bala 4 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
Hi friends,
when i have send and received mails "within" the round cube web mail. But, we go for Gmail to Roundcubemail it's Receiving mails but take long time for single mail
( Note : it's not happening at all time some times only )
Roundcube to Roundcube mail = Sending & Receiving Normally (No problem here)

Roundcube to Gmail = Sending Normally (No problem here)
"problem here"
Gmail to Roundcube mail = Receiving Mails "it's take time for half hour or one hour" for single mail

please give solutions for this problem ........!!!

server name for domain mail roundcube installed using softaculous

InMotionFans 5 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
I have used softaculous to install roundcude as the mail client for my domain
Ii was hoping to use the url www.mydomainname.com/mail to use this for which I have the user name & password & the server. (emails accounts were created under cpanel). after i key in these credentials i get the error " no data received"
what could possibly be wrong???

Outbound mail marked as Spam when sending from the webmail RoundCube

miker 5 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
This is about: "550 This message was classified as SPAM and may not be delivered"
I have experienced this problem several times, all when trying to respond to a customer using the on-line webmail client (you provide), RoundCube.
When I travel I always use the on-line webmail interface and select RoundCube from CPanel.
Several times I have had my outbound mail refused.
The email client is provided by you, from your web system. Why would it not be authenticated ??
From the help listing on this problem (which is remarkably long and angry), I have been led to believe that if the email client is using proper authentication, the email is not checked and will not be refused. Is that right ?? If so, then how come RoundCube is not properly authenticated ??
Regards, Mike.

webmail server errors - appear to be logged out

8907FamilyMike 5 years ago in Email / Roundcube Webmail 0
I'm using Roundcube webmail. If I don't use it actively for a few minutes I get a dialog box that says "an Error Occurred! Server Error! (Access Denied)", and it appears that I'm logged out. Is there some way to reset this apparent timeout to something more like 30 mins? I looked at cpanel and amp and didn't see anything but as I'm a new user I may have missed it.

Thanks, Mike.