Outbound mail marked as Spam when sending from the webmail RoundCube

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This is about: "550 This message was classified as SPAM and may not be delivered"
I have experienced this problem several times, all when trying to respond to a customer using the on-line webmail client (you provide), RoundCube.
When I travel I always use the on-line webmail interface and select RoundCube from CPanel.
Several times I have had my outbound mail refused.
The email client is provided by you, from your web system. Why would it not be authenticated ??
From the help listing on this problem (which is remarkably long and angry), I have been led to believe that if the email client is using proper authentication, the email is not checked and will not be refused. Is that right ?? If so, then how come RoundCube is not properly authenticated ??
Regards, Mike.

Hello Miker,

Thank you for your question on the 550 email error. Please check our article entitled 550 This message was classified as SPAM and may not be delivered.

Each email that is sent is scanned for spam, just as incoming emails are. If there are enough 'points' to cross a threshold, then the email is classified as spam and not allowed to be sent. The email will need to be adjusted and then can be sent out.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M