I need email support. 1. will my emails be deleted from old server without being notified? 2. how can I download all emails from roundcube?

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Arnel C
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Hello Rola,

Thanks for your question about your emails when transferring from an old hosting server. As long as your account is active and still pointing at the old server, then your emails should be there.  If you have canceled your account and you're pointing your domain (or transferred your domain) to a new hosting service, then deleting your emails would be at the discretion of the older host. They would typically not notify you of this process.  Transferring your emails is not a difficult thing, and you can do it using free email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird or Apple Mail.  If you have access to another email client such as Microsoft Outlook (which is not free), then you can use that too.  Follow this tutorial to learn how to move your emails from an old host.

In regards to your second question, Roundcube is typically a webmail client, and all the email files are saved at the server (instead of on your computer).  It would be easier to forward your emails from Roundcube than to transfer it because the systems might be different host to host.  However, if the host is using the same interface, which in our case is cPanel, then you can go to the File Manager, find the Mail folder and then download all of its contents.  If you look in that folder you'll see the existing email addresses.  You would need to create the same email accounts at the new host.  Then you can upload the contents of your email folder to the corresponding email address. If they are not using the same email system, then it is still possible that this would not work.  For this reason, we recommend using the outside email clients.  You can easily save to a local folder, and then restore them to your online folders once the accounts have been created at the new location.

Apologies if this explanation was a little long-winded, but there are a bunch of possibilities, so I wanted to cover them.  Follow our tutorial and use the recommended email clients to make your transfer easier.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest regards,

Arnel C.