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Generate CSR without SAN on Inmotion hosting SSL control panel

lewishadleighbrown 3 days ago in Domain / SSL updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) 3 days ago 1


The company I purchased an SSL certificate through requires a CSR. 

I have been able to generate the CSR but it always includes a SAN. 

The company tells me the code cannot include a SAN, but I am unable to create one without a SAN. 

Can anyone guide me on how to create a CSR with no SAN?


Is it possible to change the name of a dedicated SSL certificate after purchase?

AlisonS 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I purchased an InMotion dedicated SSL certificate on 1/28/13. Is it possible to change the name on the certificate? Currently, my site address reads https://secure.xxxxxxx.com and I would like it to be https://www.xxxxx.com.

Server's Certificate does not match URL

travelingjack1 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
Hello, this is probably a stupid question and I apologize in advance. I am very new to creating a website and I have read through the forums to answer most of my questions however I am having a really hard time with my SSL certificate. I did purchase a dedicated certificate through inmotion. My site is www.treasuredgemstones.com. It is a opencart store. I have set my settings to enable SSL. and also went into my admin folder to see if my Conf. files were correct. When you go to my sites homepage the HTTPS is XXX out in front of the www. and it says "Servers certificate does not match URL." Is this because my SSL is secure.treasuredgemstones.com? Any guidance on how I could correct my problem I would really appreciate it.

How to always redirect VPS cPanel to https?

opencartx 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I can access my cPanel by browsing to the domain name (e.g. http://domainname.com/cpanel) but can't access it over SSL (e.g. https://domainname.com/cpanel) even though I have an SSL certificate installed. How do I set this so it always redirects to https?

Prestashop Shared SSL Setup

dpass2038 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
Using Prestashop and am working on setting it up with Stripe for payment. Just want to be sure I have the steps correct before I go live.

Want to use the shared SSL for business class. Is the URL https://secure83.inmotionhosting.com/~userna5/mystore.com the URL which goes in Back Office - Preferences - SEO & URLs - Shop Domain name for SSL??

And, the next step Prestashop Dashboard - Preferences - General - Enable SSL - Save??

Or, have I got this backward?

FormMail and ReCaptcha errors

Sennaria 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I am getting confused and hope to find some clarification. I am attempting to change my current contact.html to a secured contact form in preparation for adding e-commerce to our website for the first time.

I have set up a FormMail.pl, my new contact form is contactsecure.html and I have a thankyou.html set up. I have added ReCaptcha onto the form. I have obtained google public private keys under both the secured and insecure urls for the recaptcha because I am not sure which urls I should be using within the .pl and html files...

I am getting a 500 internal error message which isn't showing on the error log...as well as a 404 message.

in the paths that I use, as I am wanting to use the Shared SSL certificate when utilizing this form, do I use https://secure104.inmotionhosting.com/~fourth12/pages/contactsecure.html (which is how I have it now).....


do I use http://fourthperimetertactical.com/pages/contactsecure.html as I originally had it.

I'm afraid I have totally confused myself and hope someone can help get me on the right path here as proceed.

I found a previous inquiry and made some changes in regards to it's issue..but now I'm just not sure which way to go.

Thanks for any advice that could be forthcoming!

Can I generate third-party SSL without using your certificate code?

halladays_com 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I requested CSR in your admin and received the SSL certificate code request.

I sent it to NetworkSolutions and got unhelpful reply that was pointing me to their administration.

In their administration I can re-issue the certificate by entering the name, address etc., and I can also download the ZIP certificate file... BUT there's no place for the request code you sent me.

Reply from InMotion:
In order to install the SSL we will need the private key for the certificate or a certificate generated with the CSR we used.

(please close this question)

Why is an SSL error code coming up after transfer?

namaste 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I am having SSL error problems after transferring my site that I didn't have before. I am on namasteconnect.com.

It said "SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length."
(Error code:ssl_error_rx_error_too_long)

I have a music store and was uploading an mp3 into the page to sell.

It goes to the SSL Error page when I click to Save/Upload my MP3.


Sachin Boloor

My SSL cert is not showing that it is valid even though it is paid for.

vrods 7 years ago in Domain / SSL 0