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sight not secure

Sharon Badke 2 months ago in Domain / SSL updated by Stormy Scott (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 months ago 1

I changed the setting in WP following the directions but sight is still not secure.


I wish to abandon dedicated ssl and install shared ssl

paul oneill 2 months ago in Domain / SSL updated by Alyssa K 2 months ago 1

I have a site, rfwsoftware.com, that has an expiring dedicated ip and dedicated ssl. I wish to revert to autossl/shared ssl. How do I do that?

Alyssa K 2 months ago

Hello paul, 

Thank you for your question regarding AutoSSL. To allow AutoSSL to replace your existing certificate, please follow the instructions on this guide:


Best Regards, 

Alyssa K. 


How do I get free SSL (like Let's Encrypt) on a dedicated server?

makingtheimpact 1 year ago in Domain / SSL 0
I haven't managed a dedicated server like this before, I only have experience with shared hosting, so please excuse my newbieness.

There is nothing in Cpanel or in AMP that let's me install or use free SSL. This contradicts what I have seen in the help documents that show an icon for it. I'm sure there's a way to get it, but it doesn't seem to be available to me for some reason. I don't have WHM on the server, because we are using it to host our own applications, it's not being used for reselling.

What do I need to do to get free SSL installed on the server? Any help is greatly appreciated!

Free SSL Activation Issue

c3travis@gmail.com 2 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I'm trying to get the free SSL onto my website. Instructions in the "Manage Free Basic SSL" says that my domain(s) need to be pointed to you and added to WHM. My domains are definitely pointed to you. I can't login to WHM, I tried using my cpanel user name and password and it's not working which makes me think I'm tied into a reseller. I'm no longer in contact with the web designer I used to build all this. How can I get into my WHM account and more importantly, activate my free SSL?

Can you please clarify how to set up free SSL?

EricH 2 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I have just started with a Wordpress hosting plan and I want to set up the free SSL for my site. I have read the various pages, but the process isn't clear to me (I'm sorry). Can you please clarify/confirm these three things?

1. If SSL is set up, my website will be prefaced with HTTPS instead of HTTP, is that correct? Is that how to tell if it is set up?

2. To set up, I use the "Manage Free Basic SSL" in the AMP. Is that all I have to do?

3. There is also a page showing how to set up SSL in Wordpress. Is that an additional necessary step to #2, or does it have some other purpose?


How do I Force Webmail and Cpanel to https?

chrispo 2 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I've successfully forced https for my web content by editing the .htaccess file, but not for Inmotion-standard web pages such as webmail or cpanel. Any idea how to do this?

SSL not woking. SSL is self signed not by a CA like Comodo

Falana 2 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I purchase an SSL from you guys and it is in my file manager today but it is not showing as secure https quite yet, not using CMS, and when I type https://beautyhairperfection.com, it just gives me a message'your connection is not private'. my next steps? When I checked SSL/TLS, I noticed it was self signed and not by a CA like COMODO.

Domain Nme: beautyhairperfection.com

I cannot renew my SSL certificate

Dr_A 2 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I received email that my SSL certificate will expire in 4 days. I can't find where and how to renew it. Can it be set to auto renew or should the support center renew it? thanks

No free SSL option available

karavelikov 2 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
I have a VPS hosting account for more than two years. Now I saw in your article that it's possible to use a free SSL certificate but I don't have this option available. How can I use it?

Google vs Symantec SSL certificates

LilPeck 2 years ago in Domain / SSL 0
Here is why myself and many of your other clients need our SSL certificates updated:

"Google will distrust all existing Symantec SSL certificates starting with October 2018, and Symantec will have to rebuild its entire certificate issuance infrastructure from scratch if it wants to remain in the CA (Certificate Authority) business. This is the final ruling in an investigation into Symantec's shady SSL issuance practices started by Google and Mozilla engineers. Investigators discovered last year that Symantec broke industry rules agreed on by the CA/B Forum, the authority that governs the procedures for issuing SSL certificates that are used to support HTTPS encrypted traffic."

More info: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/google-outlines-ssl-apocalypse-for-symantec-certificates/

Check your site's SSL certificate: