AutoSSL certificate expiry on 3/11/22...HELP!!

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I received aan email RE: AutoSSL expiration on 3/4/22, saying that it will expire on 3/11/22. On the 4th, I immediately sent a help request to InMotion support and have not heard anything back. I am not knowledgeable at all on this subject. The circumstances are that I have a site out on Yahoo, which currently hosts my domain. I kept it there, to have while creating my new site. After I purchased the new site from InMotion, the organization that the site is for announced massive changes. I did not want populate the new site with old material only to have to rework it. So, I stopped work on the new site and left up the old one. I still have another year left on my current InMotion purchase and am still not ready to activate the new site, because I've learned there will be a name change to the organization and that will require a NEW domain. Do I need to act on the SSL issue now or revisit it when I change the domain hosting? If I have to address it now, can you tell me what are my net steps. Thank you.. Karen G.

John-Paul B
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Thank you for contacting us about an AutoSSL certificate expiration message. SSL certificates generated from InMotion using AutoSSL automatically renew by default. So, as long as the message is from your account with us, there should be no need to worry.

You can always use the Run Check Now button in AMP to verify SSL's are added to any cPanel accounts, these steps are covered in our AutoSSL guide.

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