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Hi there,

I am getting daily SSL expiry warnings for my sites.

I have checked the certificates and they are due to expire in the next week.

All the sites are pointed to your nameserver.

I am not using third party security and I have not modified the .htaccess files.

I have enabled free SSL and run the check. All the sites are elligible for free SSL.

Your instructions imply that after running the 'Run check now', that the certificates should be updated.

They have not updated. Do I need to uninstall them first, or should I just wait until they have expired?

Here is a short extract of the warnings I am receiving.

Thank you

AutoSSL did not renew the certificate for “”. You must take action to keep this site secure.

The “cPanel” AutoSSL provider could not renew the SSL certificate without a reduction of coverage because of the following problems: (checked on Dec 15, 2022 at 2:42:20 PM UTC)
MASTER DCV: (XID 7hdnza) Total DCV failure:
John-Paul B
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Thank you for contacting us regarding SSL expiry warnings. By default, the AutoSSLs should renew automatically, but you can always force the SSL to renew. If your problems persist you may want to reach out to our Live Support team so they can review your specific account settings with you.

Thank you,