My website is not private

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Apparently some people cannot access my Blog Website. I looked up information regarding SSLs and tried accessing through inmotion's shared server. But that didn't work either. When I bypass the privacy error, it tells me that the SSL certificate belongs to a drug rehab facility with a different URL. Does this mean that my domain is not available? I checked it before I purchased it. Not sure what I can do. Can you help me?

Tim S.

Hi Kafeen,

Thanks for your question about your blog. I'm happy to assist you with your questions. So looking at it, you have not installed an SSL so using HTTPS to access your website shows an error. Shared servers, even more so, can show another websites certificate if you do not have a valid one, which is what is happening. When I access your website via HTTP it loads without error. You can install our FREE SSL by following our guide.

I hope this helps!


Tim S