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Install pdfBox

edenti5 7 years ago in Other / Open Source 0
Does the inMotion apache environment support installation of pdfbox? If so, would someone be willing to walk me through the process?

How to submit my information and images from android phone programatically

kxxxxij 7 years ago in Other / Open Source 0
I am java application developer and from some where I read that to make it happen means to upload data and images I will require ftp server and then i will have to call it.But i dnt know from where i should start and how would i pass my login username and password of my inmotion hosting account.
I am bit confuse about the workflow now.If we can connect to ftp then how ftp would call your server further.
Please give me some helpful link or tutorial from where I can get started.
Thanks for your fast reply.
My question may be annoying some time.


maizie 7 years ago in Other / Open Source 0
I am a newbie so talk to me like a third-grader. I manage a simple website for a department university. They wanted a wiki but the department server could not support it. I told them I have a commercial hosting account and would be happy to donate the space for their wiki, which I installed under the domain name I donated to them. Problem is I don't know anything about configuring or administering a wiki. I have a few questions: (1) I have several other domains under my account. Will the wiki admin (to be named) be able to access my other domains? (2) What do I need to do to set up the wiki? That's a start. I'm sure I'll have more later.

How to add 15% to total value on checkout (Ace shop)

dev02 7 years ago in Other / Open Source 0
Good day

Im using Ace shop in www.bavati.co.za

The developer that initially set the checkout up is done successfully with VCS (payment gateway)

My question is:

At the moment we have no "shipping-costs" at all. Therefore the shopping-cart wont work...

The owner wants to add 15% shipping-cost to the TOTAL value on checkout,

I need help ...and quick....

To check the site you will ned to log in


sizes, colors option inventory.

PaulsBodyJewelry 8 years ago in Other / Open Source 0
I need to have a shopping cart that will keep inventory for individual items with multiple options, ie size and color. Up to 10 colors and 16 sizes per item. I have noticed in one cart that if an item is out of stock the customer can not tell until they try and checkout. This is not customer friendly, items should show 'sold out' or not show up at all if out of stock. I would prefer an open source cart if one exists. I would appreciate any help or comments.

Thank you!