Installed Dolphin application cannot upload pictures.

  • Answered

I used the application installer in the control panel to install Dolphin social media application. I tried to update profile pictures and it won't upload. I have checked the folder permission and it seems fine. Can you help? Or this Dolphin doesn't work right out of box?
The Dolphin address is:
As you can see. The new user has no picture.

Thank you.
Hello Alecliu, Sorry for the problem with the Dolphin application not showing images. Dolphin is a third-party application that we do not see very often for support issues, so my apologies for not being able to give an immediate resolution. When I looked up issue in forums for Dolphin support, I found this link that talks about the same issue. Another forum post suggests a possible setting issue. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.