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Email and Mailman with subdomains

Ricardo Kleemann 4 weeks ago in Email / Mailing Lists updated by Alyssa K 4 weeks ago 1


I have domains where I manage DNS outside of inMotion. I want to point some domains/subdomains to be serviced by my VPS at inMotion.

A couple of questions:

1. How can I configure Exim to accept mail for domains/subdomains outside of inMotion?

2. How can I configure Mailman to have a different DEFAULT_URL_HOST and also for mailing lists to accept mail for a subdomain outside of inMotion?

3. I know Mailman works by setting up aliases for posting, owner, admin, etc... where can I view the aliases in cPanel or WHM?

Alyssa K 4 weeks ago

Hello Ricardo, 

Thank you for your question regarding Mailman and Exim. Unfortunately, as this is a public forum, I am unable to provide account-specific advice or make changes to your account. For assistance with the configuration of your email services, I recommend contacting our Managed Hosting team:


Best Regards, 

Alyssa K. 


Mail classified as spam

NelsonRV 4 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
The email response is being blocked by the spam filter, and is only a simple text.
We are a company that is dedicated to the sale of products and we do not send spam only contact us with the clients who know us, could they exclude our emails from those filters?

We need GNU mailman

cesarausan 4 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
In our company we was very confortable with GNU mailman, phplist does not work in the way we need. "In phpList, a list is a one way communication method, meaning that all of the subscribers to a certain list will receive any messages that the list administrator sends out. However those subscribers won't be able to start a discussion with other members of this list by replying to those messages."


We need as simple as... we send an email to list@company.com and everyone could recieve the email and later, everyone is able to respond it.
WE NEED GNU mail. (But is not available in Softaculous).

phplist - want to make a "members maillist"

Millelamme 4 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
Hi ! I created a phplist "A-lag Musik", I wanna use it this way:
1) I want users (members) including myself (admin) to be able to send messages to all members via email
2) I want any members so be able to respond to the message by sending a "reply" to the list (all members) in any mail client.
To be clear: I Want us in the "group" (all members or subscribers to the list) to have one emailadress that we all can sent messages to and respond them. Is this possible?

Ican't get this working - can you guide me?

hosting closed mailing lists

puffin6 5 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I want to host a closed mailing list on one of my domains. The only softaculous-installable packages which look like they might support this require older versions of PHP than I now use for other software installed on my domains (e.g. ccMail or Webinsta Maillist). What do people use to host closed mailing lists?

It seems silly to revert to installing a web server and Mailman on my home FreeBSD system to provide the functionality that I cannot find on InMotionHosting. (I used to use EZMLM for such things, but that requires qmail, and I have converted to PostScript at home.)

Mail won't send to subscribers

InMotionFans 5 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I am trying to send an email to over 3000 subscribers but after clicking on send it says "sent to 0 of 3470 recipetents".
Prior to this I sent test ones to myself and they worked.

phpList Bounces being sent to incorrect email

InMotionFans 5 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
We have configured our phpList bounce settings according to these procedures: http://docs.phplist.com/PHPlistConfigBounces.html

The bounces are being sent to the correct return-path email; however, these bounces are also being sent to our company's admin email, which we want to stop. How can we do this?

How to Manage mail lists using ezmlm

InMotionFans 6 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I can't seem to remember how to manage the ezmlm lists. I'd appreciate if you could direct me to the correct area to manage my lists.

Alternative to GNU Mailman or Majordomo

radioi6 6 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I'm looking for an alternative to GNU Mailman or Majordomo that I can run on a shared hosting account. My primary requirement is that the mailing list allow two-way conversations in that any subscriber to the list can post to the list. Second requirement is that posts to the list be archived.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Setting up new mailing list using MailMan

binarywc 6 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I need help setting up a MailMan Mailing list to send messages automatically upon receiving them. We want to set it up so that only 3 people can send messages to the list as well. Is this possible?