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multiuser email sending via a mail manager?

TomFid 7 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
<div>I'm trying to replace the functionality of the Mailman email list manager on my old host. I need to set up a list so that a small number of authorized users (3-5) can send mail to a modest list (~350), from an email account rather than using a message composer in the list manager. It seems that phplist cannot do this - it's strictly one-way. It's not clear to me that pommo, ccmail, or webinsta can do it eather, but I can't say for sure because Softaculous won't install any of them (php version conflict). [After further reflection, I think the php version conflict error message may be false, and the real problem is running out of mysql dbs.] It appears that dada might work with its discussion plugin (http://www.inmotionhosting.com/support/edu/everything-email/302-creating-discussion-list-dada-mail), but setup looks like a bit of a hassle. I can't believe that there's really no option that replicates Mailman's discussion capability, because that's really not rocket science. What option am I missing here? Any suggestions much appreciated.</div>

php version problem installing ccMail and others

Andre_Sa 7 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I've tried to install ccMail several times but the "ccMail is not compatible with PHP version 5.3+" error keep showing, even after I changed the PHP to ver 5.2.

The same occur with Webinsta and poMMo.

Is there a way to install this apps?


Trying to install DaDa mail.

Dick1122 7 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
<div>Am blocking on how to follow the instruction: Now, go to your website and visit the “uncompress_dada.cgi” script in your web browser. How do I "visit" the script?</div>

whitelisting mailchimp

Heather17 7 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
We are deciding on whether to use Mailchimp to email our newsletters to our parents (and staff). Staff emails include the school domain name. It looks like there is block from our staff receiving these emails. Is it possible for me to configure something in the cpanel to allow these emails to come through?

Increase max emails per hour server settings

MayaK 7 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0

I&#039;m using a newsletter tool (pommo), using php mail function to send emails to an elementary school mailing list. There are 500 people on the mailing list. The problem is the server settings is 250 emails per hour. Is there a way to increase this to 600 an hour? If so, how would I do it?

For the time being I&#039;ve set the throttle on the tool to 200 emails per hour. However, I was hoping to increase the settings on the server side if possible?

Actually I think I found something which answers my question.


I will try this!

Thank you so much.


What is my bulk email rate limit

artmax 7 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I am about to install the phpList bulk mailing software and would like to know what is the rate limit for the VPS-1000 hosting service.

We have an email list and I setup DaDa Mail

Books4School 8 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0

I setup DaDa Mail today on our account for Books4School.com.

We have approx. 60,000 email addresses on our list and want to migrate it over to DaDa Mail so I need to do a mass email to that list to get people over to re-subscribe.

I want to know if there will be any issues with me doing the mass email to the list to perform the re-subscribes? And, are there any other instructions that I need to know about other than simply performing an invitation email from DaDa Mail.

Do you need to know when I plan to perform the large email?

Peter Greene
608-444-8061 (cell)

Wher do I go to add additional emails to the account

greggio1951 8 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0

How or Where can I create a mail list?

Adrien Gzz 8 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
I'm running the 11.32.3 (build 19) version of cPanel, and I can't find the Mail List option? or Where can I do a Mail list?

How can I install phpList 2.10.18?

ralpaugh 8 years ago in Email / Mailing Lists 0
Currently Fantastico installs PHPLIST 2.10.17, I am having a problem that is solved in PHPLIST 2.10.18. Getting the software is not a problem but I don't know how to install it on your servers. I spoke with Adam T, his recommendation was to speak to PHPLIST support. They very clearly state on their support site that all support needs to come from the web host ie InMotionHosting. I am opening a ticket because I seem to be caught between two companies saying, NOT MY PROBLEM. I need the new version installed ASAP as it fixes my KNOWN problem. Thank your for your timely attention to this matter. You have great support but this is the first hit I have had questions about that seems to be a problem

Thanks again,

God Bless