hosting closed mailing lists

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I want to host a closed mailing list on one of my domains. The only softaculous-installable packages which look like they might support this require older versions of PHP than I now use for other software installed on my domains (e.g. ccMail or Webinsta Maillist). What do people use to host closed mailing lists?

It seems silly to revert to installing a web server and Mailman on my home FreeBSD system to provide the functionality that I cannot find on InMotionHosting. (I used to use EZMLM for such things, but that requires qmail, and I have converted to PostScript at home.)

Hello puffin6,

Thank you for your question on hosting closed mailing list software on your account. If you have found software to do what you need, then you can certainly us it (possibly PhpList) regardless of the php version. Our servers currently support php 5.2 up to php7. You can set the php version down to a folder level, so that you can use any version you need on your site.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M