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Needs DNS records


We need to edit our zone file at nayatel hosting so we need MX Record A record and SPF Record against this hosting kindly provide us ASAP


I have changed the DNS of goDaddy Domain to InMotion DNS but Site is still not working.

I am trying to point my domain from goDaddy to In-motion. Followed your Flash Guide for the pointing domain but nothings happening from last 2 days. Whenever i search for domain, it say temporarily down or changed to other hosting. Please solve this issue i need to start working as soon as possible.


how to looking for ns name i want 2 ns name for change in my domain name control

Surawit 4 months ago in Technical Support / DNS/Nameservers updated by Arnel C (Content Marketing Coordinator) 4 months ago 1

i want to change ns name for my domain in going to inmotion hosting but in my domain name controls it fix 2 NS NAME for change


CURRENT USER   :  m.....
PRIMARY DOMAIN   :  m.....

contact me  
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DNS configuration

Hello sir

                   I need to add google search search-console code add in DNS configuration where do i will add and verify google search console code in cpanle. How and where to add my google search console code to add?


name server change

Hello, my site, bullproofediting.com, has just been migrated from WordPress to inmotion. I went into WordPress and changed the name servers to the inmotion ones. Now my website won't come up (the window that opens says the connections is not private.)  Also, through my WordPress site, I had a Gmail suite for email.  My email does not seem to be working either.


How to add a DS record to my domain

Luis 5 months ago in Technical Support / DNS/Nameservers updated by John-Paul B (Content Marketing Coordinator) 5 months ago 1

I want to add DNSSEC to my domain