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Dear Inmotion Hosting,

I set up an e-mail account for [email protected] through my cpanel but I don't see any messages appearing in the inbox on webmail when I've tried testing this account.

I was using that e-mail as an RSVP for an event this thursday so I'm wondering where the e-mails are going.

Please let me know what I might have missed via e-mail or by calling me at 202-577-1138.



Hello discostuevents!

Sorry for the trouble with your email working. I checked the DNS for your domain and the domain is pointing to Wix.

discostuevents.com. 3600 IN A


discostuevents.com. 172800 IN NS ns1.wix.com.

discostuevents.com. 172800 IN NS ns2.wix.com.


ns1.wix.com. 7619 IN A

ns2.wix.com. 18 IN A

If you want your website to be on Wix and your email on our server, you will need to change the MX records for your domain at Wix to point to our server. This is done at Wix and not on our server.

If you want the website on our server and the email on our server, you will need to update the nameservers to our namservers. Keep in mind that if your change your nameservers, you site at Wix will no longer work. You will want to have your website working on our server before changing your nameservers.

When you change your DNS whether its the MX records or the Nameservers, you will need to wait propagation. Once you have the DNS set you will be able to send and receive email. You can check it in your Webmail.

Best regards,

James R