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How can I transfer a domain name from one Inmotion account to another?

NONE yesterday at 10:10 a.m. in Domain / Registrations And Transfers updated by Chris M (Content Marketing Coordinator) yesterday at 11 a.m. 1

I will no longer continue to manage the domain or the website and I will transfer it to another inmotion account

Alyssa K 2 months ago

Hello Danny, 

Thank you for your question regarding domain renewals. By default, your domain should be set up for automatic renewal. I recommend reviewing the following guide that goes into more detail on this topic:


If you have additional concerns, please contact our Customer Service team for direct assistance with this issue. 

Best Regards, 

Alyssa K. 


is my domain already transferred?


Hi Harry! If the domain has been transferred, it will show up in your Account Management Panel in the 'Domains' section. 

A domain can show up in cPanel before it is transferred to your account here, and before the domain is pointed to our nameservers, so always check AMP to confirm a transfer! If the domain status is unclear after checking AMP, please reach out to our 24/7 Live Customer Service team for clarification. 


Hi Rosebuzz! It sounds like you are talking about your domain registration. If that's the case, you're on the right track: domains can only be registered at one company at a time. Just make sure the domain registration does not expire! You can always transfer your registration to us at a later date if you wish, but it is not a requirement. Hope that helps!


Domain name change

Taniya 3 months ago in Domain / Registrations And Transfers updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 3 months ago 1

I have registered a domain with the free domain option with the Power Plan. Can I change that domain name ? If I can change, will it still be free?


Hi Taniya! We cannot normally refund a domain after it has been registered, but I would suggest checking with our 24/7 Live Customer Service department, just in case!


Hi Jeff! I went through Earthlink's documentation and it looks like the way to get the transfer code is in the DNR Manager tool. Under Section B on EPP Code/Password Management, there are steps to generate the EPP Code. That is the code you need to transfer the domain over to us. I hope that helps!


How much does Inmotion web registration cost?

Erbkon 4 months ago in Domain / Registrations And Transfers updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 4 months ago 1

My site is maintained through Inmotion Boldgrid but still registered through the old host, ipage.  The registration expires net month.  How much does renewing through Inmotion cost and where do I go to do it?  


Hi! Domain registrations are $15.99 a year, and if your domain is already registered elsewhere, you can transfer your registration to InMotion in AMP. Hope that helps!


I want to transfer my domain, but if I have to pay the other site why bother?

Apple_Pi 4 months ago in Domain / Registrations And Transfers updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 4 months ago 1

[...] is my construction company site. I want to move it here, but your system says I have to pay the other guy beforehand. The whole point is to put everything in one place. Can I move my domain here and have you host my other site without having to pay both you and the other guy?


Hi Apple!

For your privacy, I removed your domain from your post after I looked it up with the publicly available 'whois' tool. 

It looks like your domain registration expired in late May. Because of this, the domain is not freely available for us to register. It is technically owned/registered by the agency (or, registrar) that you used to register it previously. It's likely in some sort of expiration grace period.

What normally happens in this case is the registrar holds the domain for a given period of time, allowing you to re-register it if you pay the equivalent of a late fee. 

In this case, we cannot have you transfer the registration to us (since you don't appear to have a valid, unexpired registration), and we cannot register the domain for you (because it is not freely available to register). 

Your choices are to pay your domain registrar to re-acquire the domain, or wait for their hold on the domain to expire and then attempt to register it when it is free. I say 'attempt,' because once it is free, anyone will be able to register the domain, not just you. 

On top of that, there are entire businesses that do nothing but register recently released domains the second they become free using automated systems, then sell it back to interested parties like yourself at a much higher rate. It's not what you would call domain hijacking, since everything about that process is legal, but it is a source of frustration for many business owners. This does not always happen, but I see it enough that I think you should be aware of the risk. 

I cannot advise you what the risk of that happening is, so the 'best' way to move forward will be up to you and the specifics of your business. I hope that explains why we cannot register/transfer the domain yet, though. 


Error status in Domain Transfer

Have a nice day.
I have made steps for a domain transfer, but I have a doubt, the process status is "Error" but, when I click the status, this show me nothing.

The current step information is:
Step 7: Wait for the OpenSRS Email to Confirm the Transfer
Wait for an Email from OpenSRS
In the next 1 to 3 days, you will receive an email at (admin email unavailable, please confirm with your current registrar) from OpenSRS requesting for you to confirm the transfer. It's important to confirm the transfer within 2 days of receiving this email; otherwise, OpenSRS will cancel the transfer. To ensure receipt of the confirmation e-mail, we encourage you to whitelist *@opensrs.com in your e-mail's spam filter settings.
It's my 3rd try, I don't know if I made a mistake or if this is ok rigth now.
Thanks in advanced.

Just transferred hosting to InMotion from Godaddy, changed nameservers

Just transferred hosting to InMotion from Godaddy, changed nameservers but when i go to my domain www.michaelkimelman.com I get an inmotion placeholder and a note saying make sure to replace this page with my own index.htm page. How do I do this? When I originally spoke to the sales rep he told me all I had to do was change the nameservers and it would populate. Thank you.