How to Update Whois Information for a Domain Name

karenperalta41 3 years ago in Domain / Registrations And Transfers updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 1 month ago 2 1 duplicate
My WhoIs listing, now that my domain is registered with Inmotion instead of SiteGround, has changed. Now it's under a different name instead of Karen S. Cole. Both names are mine. But I want to use the Cole name and not the other one. How can I change the name my Inmotion domain name is registered under?

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Heyllo karenperalta41, Thanks for question about how to update whois information for a domain name. You can update whois information in the Account Management Panel that InMotion has provided. As always, you are advised to wait a few hours after updating the information for the new records to take effect across the web. Best, Christopher M.