Can I design my website before I transfer the Hosting and Domain.

  • Answered
I need to have the website ready to transfer the hosting and domain registration so that when I need to transfer I can just roll over to inmotionhosting and have the website down for the minimal amount of time.
Hello, Thanks for the question about designing your website before transferring it to InMotion Hosting. In order to make the transition seamless, I would recommend that you allow your previous site to remain up and running on your old host until you're ready to move. If you have the domain name already in the process of transfer, then you may need to keep the DNS pointed to your old server until you have completed the construction of your site. Changing the nameservers requires up to 24 hours of propagation time before the change is recognized on the internet. If your old site is running until that change is completed, then viewers of your site will not see a gap in the uptime of your site. If you did not have a site to begin with, then I would recommend either redirecting visitors to an under construction page or using a maintenance mode page. Here's an example of one if you're using WordPress to build your site. Maintenance mode options are available in a large variety of programs used for creating websites. You can also use a method where you modify your local hosts file on your computer. This allows you use the eventual domain name that will be used on your new hosting service so that you can complete construction of your site using that particular domain name. This is a method popular with many web designers because it allows them to easily bring the site up on the new host when the construction is complete by simply updating the nameservers. Note that making a hosts file change only affects the computer where you have made the change. If you are developing on more than one computer, or if you are working with another individual, then the hosts file will need to be modified on that computer. As you can see, the answer to your question is, "Yes, you can build your site before transferring it." It will depend on using a solution that you select. I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know! Regards, Arnel C.