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Jetpack plugin error nonce is invalid

Jetpack plugin error is displaying in my dashboard "nonce is invalid".

I have tried other browsers (chrome and edge)

I believe this might be why I can't update any pages.  When I try to update a page it says "Update failed.  You are probably offline" which is obviously not the case.  My theme requires Jetpack to be installed. 

Alyssa K 1 week ago

Hello nancyolson6, 

Thank you for your question regarding Jetpack. It is likely that another plugin is interfering with Jetpack. I recommend disabling any caching plugins that may be interfering with the functionality of Jetpack. 

Best Regards, 

Alyssa K. 


Hi, Geoff! Sorry to hear you're running into trouble with your site being slow. I ran some tests and, since the site is well-optimized in terms of file size and overall content, I suspect that the issue is either a DDOS attack or, much more likely, a brute force attack. WordPress login pages are a common target of these sorts of attacks and chances are that taking care of that will resolve the issue in a day or two as the attempts fall off. 

You can confirm this by checking out AWStats, that will help you narrow down any suspicious activity. Lastly, when you check AWStats, be on the lookout for unusually high downloads of individual files. This is a common vector for DDOS attacks and can even just be the result of poorly programmed bot behavior. I've seen situations where a single, moderately sized audio or video file was just relentlessly queried/downloaded by bots and resulted in hundreds of gigabytes of unproductive traffic! If all else fails, try the free tier of something like CloudFlare and activate the DDOS protection to see if that has any effect. Hope that helps!


Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in /home/MYSITENAME/public_html/wp-content/plugins/boldgrid-ninja-forms/deprecated/includes/widget.php on line 118

PTadmin 2 weeks ago in Website / Website Troubleshooting updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 weeks ago 1

Any ideas why this is happening and how to resolve it running a BoldGrid site


Hi, PTadmin! Try changing your PHP version in cPanel to the latest version (or one version behind if you are on the latest), and update the ninja-forms plugin listed in the error message. As always, make sure you backup your WordPress site first! Hope that helps. 


Hello, and sorry to hear that you're having trouble with this error. 500 errors are particularly tricky to deal with, as there are many possible causes. I'd suggest checking your .htaccess file, and troubleshooting that if possible. Also, make sure that the database password listed in your WordPress configuration file match the database's password in cPanel if you happen to be using a WordPress site. If you can check your error logs, that can point you in the right direction as well. 


"deny from all" in my .htaccess file not working

Jimmie 4 weeks ago in Website / Website Troubleshooting updated by JT S. (Technical Writer) 4 weeks ago 1

I need some time to tweak my security setups before opening my site to visitors. So I am trying to "deny from all" in my .htaccess file to block all visitors. But it does not work at all. What did I miss?


Our SSL certificate is expired!

heather 1 month ago in Website / Website Troubleshooting updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 1 month ago 1

how do we renew?


Hi, Heather! The solution will depend on what type of SSL certificate you are using. 

If you are using our free AutoSSL, it should renew automatically-- so it not renewing is likely due to an error. You can try running AutoSSL again from cPanel.

If you have a VPS and the free AutoSSL did not renew, it is likely due to a cPanel error that can be fixed by following this guide

If you have a purchased SSL, either one from InMotion or a third party, you can either: 

1) Remove the old SSL and switch to AutoSSL

2) Purchase and install a new SSL. (If you purchase one from us, we'll install it for you!)

While I'm discussing it, please keep in mind that the main reason for purchasing a premium SSL is that certain e-commerce and payment platforms require it. If you just have something like a portfolio or blog website, you'll usually be fine with AutoSSL. Hope that helps! 


WordPress issue

marco daoura 2 months ago in Website / Website Troubleshooting updated by Arnel C (Content Marketing Coordinator) 2 months ago 1

we have NOVUSON.COM hosted with you, and I have been trying to update and reconfigure content with Wordpress, but getting very inconsistent behavior, where text or content is not getting updated correctly or showing up in the correct section of the pages.


Made an update to .php file in File Manger in cPanel, but the site does not change?

arnsteinc 4 months ago in Website / Website Troubleshooting updated by Ronnie H. (Content Marketing Coordinator) 4 months ago 1

Today my mysql connection suddenly broke. Take a look at [...]. I attempted to fix this by creating a new user to access the database the file looks at, yet the error message still lists the previous username as the one being denied access. How do I force the web page to use the update .php file credentials?


Hi! For your privacy and security, I removed the address you listed, but only after visiting the site as you requested. 

After creating the new MySQL user, be sure to update the appropriate configuration file for your site or sites. For example, if you have a WordPress site, please be sure to update the wp-config.php file and put the new database user credentials in the file. This should allow your site to access the database. I hope that helps!


I created a subdomain, i installed wordpress but it is not loading. i t has been 4 days, not still loading

Please it is urgent.

Why is my subdomain not loading



The most likely reason your subdomain is not loading would be a DNS error. Are you managing your DNS with our nameservers at InMotion Hosting, or are you using third party nameservers? If you are using third party nameservers like those of your domain registrar, you will need to create a DNS entry for the subdomain manually. 

If you want to confirm if you are experiencing a DNS issue, please use a hosts file modification to test out the site and see if it can be accessed by bypassing the DNS. 

If the subdomain still does not load even with a hosts file mod, it is likely a different technical issue. If you created the subdomain in a directory inside the directory for another site (as opposed to placing it in your user's home directory), there may be a conflict between various .htaccess files or some other configuration file. 

Those are the two things I have seen cause this problem most frequently. If neither of those appear to be the issue, please get in touch with our live 24/7 Technical Support team and they can help you track down the specific problem directly!