Website Not Opening in Windows 7

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Hello everyone. This is my website, when I start to open my website on any Windows 7 PC, it is showing 'not secure' in the URL. Is this a browser issue? Since my SSL is all valid I have checked it from my hosting company as well as online validators. Does anyone have any idea, how to solve the issue?

Arnel C
  • Answered

Hello Adriel,

Sorry for the issue with your site appearing to be secure.  Typically, it's the result of an asset/element of your website that's being pulled from a location that's not covered by the SSL certificate.  For example, if you have a graphic that's linked to your site from another location, then your SSL would not cover that file because the URL would be different.

One of the best online tools to use for this issue is a site called Why No Padlock. They will be able to give you a report of what's causing your site not to appear secure when being browsed.  

One last thing.  If your site comes up clean after having it inspected by that site, then it most likely is just the way the SSL certificate has been deployed. Check out the report and they should provide more info about your SSL and what might causing the issue. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.

Kindest Regards,

Arnel C.