Cannot access email or website front and back ends

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This morning I started experiencing email errors with accounts associated with my website. Other email (unassociated) accounts seem to work fine. Then I tried to visit the website's front end -- received only a page with server name, my IP address, and IM logo. Then tried to access backend and received 404 error. All continue to do so currently. Can you explain how to remedy this?


Thank you for your question Hiwata!

The page with the server name, your IP address, and the IM logo is what is called the Apache default page for one our shared servers. That page will load when the Domains DNS is not resolving to the correct IP address for the server your account is on. There can be several reasons the default page will load for your domain.

One reason could be that the Account for that domain could have been moved to a different server or the DNS is propagating after an IP address change. If this is the case, clearing your browser cache and flushing the dns should resolve this. Please see the following links on this.

How to clear your browser's cache

How do I clear my local DNS cache?

Another reason could be that the DNS zone file for the domain is not syncing with the DNS. Occasionally, when adding addon domains or subdomains (etc.), the zone file could stop working correctly. When this occurs, tech support will need to re-sync the DNS zone. Please contact tech support either by chat or phone to have this fixed ASAP.

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James R