My site is slow on pingdom and google speed test

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I move to your hosting..

I'm a little bit suprised:

1) from pingdom I get more than 5s! (I can send to you prtSc)

2) I get around 80-82% from google speed test

3) if there is a gzip compression?

4) do you have any automatical image compression?

5) Response server time: 0,65 s.

6) on google speed test site is presented as broken, when normally is working well..

To sum up - site is too slow.


Hello Greg, Sorry to hear that you're seeing some type of latency with your account. There can be gzip compression, which can be turned on in the cPanel - under Optimize Website. I wasn't sure what URL you were referring to in terms of the slowness as you did not mention it in your question. However, I did check your primary domain using a third party website performance site called Gtmetrix. The results from that site do not indicate the slowness that you're referring to. However, there are recommendations that can help speed the site up. I highly recommend running the free diagnostic they provide ( and checking out their recommendations. To troubleshoot the issue further we would need to know what URL you are referring to in order to investigate. Please provide that information so that we can look into the issue in more depth. If you want to handle the issue privately, then you can submit a verified support ticket to our live Technical Support team. A good diagnostic test is to run a traceroute to see what's happening between you and the internet server. Typically, the issue has to do with routing than with the server. Please provide us with a little more information if you want to us to look into the matter further. If you have any further questions, please let us know. Kindest regards, Arnel C.