How Do I Fix AbanteCart Backup Connection Error - HTTP-Status 500?

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Abante backup fails - connection error - HTTP-status 500

I'm trying to backup my Abante store, but received "Task Failed". I checked the ..public_html/store/admin/system/backup directory, and 'User' and 'Group' have read, write, and execute permission.

The error message also indicated the backup process could fail depending the the AbanteCart data size as well as my server virtual memory size. The size for the AbantaCart is 50.6 MB; I'm not sure how to find the server virtual memory size.

I see no errors in the CPanel error log. The AbanteCart error log shows status 500 errors from April 4th back, but those relate to being unable to establish a database connection, too many connections, resource temporarily unavailable (which is annoying, but I'm usually to continue what I'm doing without issues).

Any thoughts on why the backup failed?


Hello, Sorry for the issue with your Abante backup. It sounds like you're running the backup directly in your Abante program. I would recommend running the cPanel backup, as it backups the entire server and the backup. The settings for your memory use would be set in the PHP.INI file. 500 errors are a "generic" error which unfortunately doesn't pinpoint the problem. If you want to resolve the Abante issue, check to see if Abante provides a debug mode. It would be best way to get a better error message that may provide more information about the problem. You may also want to consult with Abante Cart directly or speack with their users in their Community forum. If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. Regards, Arnel C.