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Need to check if php.ini upload limit is 4MB

The php.ini file in cPanel has only two lines. And I Need to check if the php.ini file upload limit is 4MB


How to Add Softaculous Service

Trying to add softaculous to my subscription, but can't find where to do this.

WHMCS and ENOM api User not permitted from this IP address (Solution)

Just in case you try to setup enom api via WHMCS and you get the message "User not permitted from this IP address" even if ENOM has whitelisted your IP, keep in mind that your dedicated IP is not the one that is doing the request to ENOM'S api servers, so follow this steps.
1.- Enter http://ipinfo.info/html/ip_checker.php
2.- Type the WHM domain you access from (the one assigned by inmotion) ie. secure189.servconfig.com.
3.-Click "Go" Button
4.-This is the real IP that does the request, this problem is pretty common with inmotion customers as I did after thousands of tickets between enom and Inmotion to get this to work.
5.-Make sure you provide ENOMS via support ticket this IP so they can whitelist you, also try the API test with the IP and you will confirm this will work.

Hope this information is useful for the community, it tooks me days to find out the cause.

Slow response and time-out errors often


Can you please let me know if anything can be done to improve the server stability or other issues I'm having? My server is often slow to load pages (tried several computers in different locations, and using different ISP's).

Server went down recently (I have not been monitoring this closely) - https://swiftdesign.co.nz/status/


Pinging swiftdesign.co.nz [104.xxx.xxx.3] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from 104.xxx.xxx.3: bytes=32 time=188ms TTL=48
Reply from 104.xxx.xxx.3: bytes=32 time=170ms TTL=48
Reply from 104.xxx.xxx.3: bytes=32 time=171ms TTL=48
Reply from 104.xxx.xxx.3: bytes=32 time=171ms TTL=48

Ping statistics for 104.xxx.xxx.3:
Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 170ms, Maximum = 188ms, Average = 175ms


Tracing route to swiftdesign.co.nz [104.xxx.xxx.3]
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms NB604N.home []
2 64 ms 45 ms 44 ms 121-74-64-1.telstraclear.net [121.xxx.xxx.1]
3 46 ms 47 ms 46 ms 203.xxx.xxx.1
4 46 ms 46 ms 46 ms 203.xxx.xxx.251
5 46 ms 46 ms 47 ms be10-2.bgnzftc02.akl.vf.net.nz [203.xxx.xxx.41]
6 172 ms 171 ms 171 ms vodafone-new-zealand.as9500.any2ix.coresite.com [206.xxx.xxx.227]
7 184 ms 186 ms 197 ms hurricane-electric.as6939.any2ix.coresite.com [206.xxx.xxx.122]
8 174 ms 174 ms 175 ms corporate-colocation-inc.10gigabitethernet10-15.core1.lax2.he.net [64.xxx.xxx.114]
9 172 ms 172 ms 193 ms 205.xxx.xxx.38
10 * * * Request timed out.
11 * * * Request timed out.
12 * * * Request timed out.
13 * * * Request timed out.
14 171 ms 170 ms 171 ms 104.xxx.xxx.3

Trace complete.

Access reseller resource usage

skoal 4 years ago in Technical Support / Server Resources 0
How do I see how much disk space and bandwidth my reseller account is using or has used?

cPanel Security Advisor notification

Hi guys,

I am seeing lot of security notification under my WHM Security Advisor. For eg,

Apache vhosts are not segmented or chroot()ed.
Enable “Jail Apache” in the “Tweak Settings” area, and change users to jailshell in the “Manage Shell Access” area. Consider a more robust solution by using “CageFS on CloudLinux”

No brute force protection detected
Enable cPHulk Brute Force Protection in the “cPHulk Brute Force Protection” area.

ClamAV is not installed.
Install ClamAV within "Manage Plugins".

Many more.

Is it something I need to manage myself and configure ?


Need program that handles PDFs using PHP

We are looking for a program, like Acrobat but not Acrobat because they will not license for this use as far as we know, that handles PDFs (combining, watermarks, bookmarks) that we can have a seat on our server. Open source would be great but we are willing to pay too.

Softaculous Application Installs Backup

I made several backups through the Softaculous Backup / Restore feature, but I could not see them after relogging to my account. Is there a way to keep them active ? Or are they deleted after a few days ? Many thanks for your help !

Server was down http://muacash.com/

My reseller can't access. Can you help me check what problem with my reseller, When it work, it was slowly. A domin on my reseller hosting: http://muacash.com/


hrlod 4 years ago in Technical Support / Server Resources 0
Seek guidance and recommendations on a membership directory plug-in or app for my wordpress web site. Must include ability to accept payments. Thank you!