Is my Disk Space sufficient

  • Answered
I have the Business Pro Plan (Please Verify)
Advertised to allow Unlimited Disk Space.

I am about to launch 3 websites.
Each of these sites allows users to upload multiple images.

Additionally, these sites will automatically backup 10 days of these images.

This "could" result in much higher than normal disk usage.

Have I selected the correct plan & do you see a potential problem?

Thank you
Jim MacLeod
Hello Jmac, While our shared plans do have unlimited storage, please keep in mind that sometimes your account may violate our terms of service. Such as the part where you are not allowed to store backups on your account that are older that 7 days. You will need to download backups off of the server to prevent that type of suspension. If you need to keep the backups on the server then you may want to look into a VPS or dedicated solution.I am not able to verify your account plan as that would require either the last four digits of the credit card on file or the AMP password. Sense this is a public forum I would highly suggest against doing that. Click here for steps on how to see what plan you are on. Best Regards, TJ Edens