Max Execution Time and Memory Limit Settings

  • Answered
What is the limit of max_execution_time and memory_limit for power plan?
What is the max memory i can set in my power plan?

Hello olegpetrov, Thank you for your question on default max_execution_time and memory_limit for your account. The default for the memory_limit setting is 512MB and the default for the max_execution_time is 30 seconds. These can be increased to basically any limit you want, but you will want to stay below 1GB so you will not cause resource usage issues on the server. This can result in a resource usage overage and possible account suspension. With the mex_execution_time, I have seen it as high as 300 seconds (5 minutes). It is rare you would need even this high and scripts that take that long or longer need to be evaluated. If you choose to increase these settings, be sure that your php.ini file is set to be recursive so that the changes will carry throughout your site. Kindest Regards, Scott M