500 error I have problems in my Reseller R1000

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my clients are experiencing connection problems to the server I need to know if something is wrong with R1000 reseller service as this affects my business

* I have reports from Google Webmaster:
To verify some of the URLs in your Sitemap, we found that not all were accessible. Check for a problem in your web server configuration, since such errors may be caused by a server error (for example, a 5xx error) or a network error between Googlebot and your server. Still, accessible URL will be sent.
Hello Zhunah5, Sorry to hear that you have 500 errors on your R1000 reseller service. Unfortunately, the information that you have provided is not enough to specifically narrow down where the error could be. There are various reasons for a possible 500 internal server error. If there was a possible web server based error, then it would have been recorded in the Apache error log - no error was in the log. So, it's possible that it's a small error somewhere within a one or more of the websites that you have on the server. Please review the link I have provided for a better understanding of the possible causes of a 500 error. If it's coding related, then you will need review your code for the source of the error. If you can provide a specific URL and error where the issue is occurring, then we can help to determine where the problem is coming from. In reviewing your account, it does appear that you have multiple tickets (possibly on this issue). If you are able to find the source of the issue based on this post, then please close any active tickets by simply responding to them via email and reporting a resolution. If you wish for our technical support team to respond to your multiple queries, then please allow time for their response. The live technical support team will respond to your ticket within 24 hours. Queries to the Support Center website are separate from the live support team and with on-duty community support personnel responding between 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM EST. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. We do appreciate your patience in all support matters. Regards, Arnel C.