Can Image Hotlinking create Exceeding Bandwidth problems?

  • Answered
hi inmotion, i have a question i'd like to ask.
if i'm not preventing images hotlinking ,
Am I going to exceed bandwidth capacity if someone with lots of traffic hotlinking to my images in my site?
I'm currently using shared hosting.
thank in advanced
Hello, Thank you for contacting us about how to stop image hotlinking, and bandwidth. It is really hard to predict bandwidth problems without actual logs or statistics to review. AWSTATS provides specific information into bandwidth, by File type. There is also a Bandwidth Tool in cPanel, this should give you a better indication of the affect of hot-linking on your site. With online search, I found an .htaccess rule you can use to block hotlinking, or only allow a specific site to hotlink. If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below. Thank you, John-Paul B