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I have created site with Squarespace and want to use my domain that is hosted here. How to I map the domain to Squarespace?
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Thank you for your question Bob_Z!

Your domain can be pointed to Squarespace by changing the DNS A record. You can set up custom DNS records in your cPanel Simple DNS Zone editor. Below are some links on editing your DNS.

How do I make custom DNS records?

Adding an A Record

You will need to get the DNS settings at Squarespce in order to update them on our end. If you get the DNS settings at Squarespace and you have trouble changing them in the Simple DNS Zone Editor, you can have tech support update the records for you.

Use a ticket submitted via the AMP interface. Tell them the domain and and the DNS changes you need. You will need to verify the account in the email include the last 4 of the credit card number or the current AMP password and they can process it from there

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