How can I install phpList 2.10.18?

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Currently Fantastico installs PHPLIST 2.10.17, I am having a problem that is solved in PHPLIST 2.10.18. Getting the software is not a problem but I don't know how to install it on your servers. I spoke with Adam T, his recommendation was to speak to PHPLIST support. They very clearly state on their support site that all support needs to come from the web host ie InMotionHosting. I am opening a ticket because I seem to be caught between two companies saying, NOT MY PROBLEM. I need the new version installed ASAP as it fixes my KNOWN problem. Thank your for your timely attention to this matter. You have great support but this is the first hit I have had questions about that seems to be a problem

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Hi ralpaugh, Unfortunately Fantastico can be a little slow as far as keeping up to date on all of the latest versions of software it can install. Even so, phpList can be installed without the use of Fantastico. I've installed phpList manually before, and it is very similar to the installations steps for most other php / mysql driven software. We do have an installation manual that covers the steps for installing most any php / mysql software, which you can find here: Manual Installation of PHP software I would recommend following the steps listed in that article to install the latest version of phpList. If you follow the steps but are unable to complete the installation, I'll be more than happy to help you further! If you can respond back with what step you're getting stuck on and a brief explanation of the exact problem, we can help further. Thanks, - Brad