What are the limits with email forwarding?

  • Answered
I look after a hiking club so I want to set up an email address (executive@...) that gets forwarded to all the members of the executive (president@, secretary@, pr@, hikes@,... It can be a long list. With some email servers there's a character limit (200 or 256 or something). What are the limits?

It's really a group but there's no group support unless I use an MS exchange server.
Hello Hilmar, Thanks for your question about email forwarding. The limit of number of emails that you can forward to is 50, while the limit of emails that can go out per hour is 250. This forwarding limit cannot be changed. If you need to send to a large group, I would highly recommend using Mail Chimp, which is a third-party email solution for newsletters. It's FREE for the first 2000 users and 12000 emails. This not only keeps the email load OFF your account, it also provides some pretty good templates that you can use for your messages. In terms of the SIZE of the email, the limit was up to 50 MB. If your list is going OVER 50 emails to forward, I'd highly recommend that you use the third party solution. If your list was under 50, but you're including a large attachment, like Mailchimp, we would rather you provided a LINK to the file. This prevents multiple emails with large attachments being sent to multiple addresses. I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance. Regards, Arnel C.