Mail won't send to subscribers

  • Answered
I am trying to send an email to over 3000 subscribers but after clicking on send it says "sent to 0 of 3470 recipetents".
Prior to this I sent test ones to myself and they worked.
Tim S.


Thanks for your question regarding sending bulk emails to a list of subscribers. So, the max recipient list on an email cannot be over 50. This could be causing the issue. Also, I'd suggest using a email list program such as MailChimp to send out bulk emails. There's other alternatives as well, such as PHPMailer which we have a good tutorial on.

You want to use some kind of program to send those emails for a few important reasons. One reason is the amount of emails you are sending. These emails would need to get queued on the server, and could look like spam. Also, since you are sending out a large number, certain mail providers might mark those as spam as well. Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail all look for emails like this. Using specific software to rate limit the email will be beneficial in the long run. Keep in mind too, if you were to get blacklisted for sending spam, and you send the emails from your domains email, you could potentially affect your other emails.


Tim S