phplist - want to make a "members maillist"

  • Answered
Hi ! I created a phplist "A-lag Musik", I wanna use it this way:
1) I want users (members) including myself (admin) to be able to send messages to all members via email
2) I want any members so be able to respond to the message by sending a "reply" to the list (all members) in any mail client.
To be clear: I Want us in the "group" (all members or subscribers to the list) to have one emailadress that we all can sent messages to and respond them. Is this possible?

Ican't get this working - can you guide me?
Hello Millelamme, Thank you for your question on creating interactive mailing lists in phpList. While we are able to assist with troubleshooting configuration issues, we do not have extensive knowledge of the inner workings of all the programs we support. PhpList is a fairly well supported program with a large community. Together they have much more knowledge on what it can and cannot do than we ever will. I can point you in the right direction, however. Check out the phpList discussion forums and they will be able to help you with your request. Kindest Regards, Scott M