We need GNU mailman

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In our company we was very confortable with GNU mailman, phplist does not work in the way we need. "In phpList, a list is a one way communication method, meaning that all of the subscribers to a certain list will receive any messages that the list administrator sends out. However those subscribers won't be able to start a discussion with other members of this list by replying to those messages."


We need as simple as... we send an email to [email protected] and everyone could recieve the email and later, everyone is able to respond it.
WE NEED GNU mail. (But is not available in Softaculous).

Hello cesarausan,

Thank you for contacting us about installing GNU Mailman. PHPlist is more of a mailing list software, which is designed for one-way communication.

It is definitely possible for GNU Mailman to be installed on our server, but it will require a VPS or Dedicated server.

Also, here is a helpful link to a question where we are discussing possible alternatives to mailman.

Best Regards,