Is there any way to forward emails to a list?

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With my old host, I could create an email distribution email address (like "[email protected]) and it would contain many email addresses. To send an email to all of those addresses, all I had to do was send the email with any email app to "[email protected]" and it would get forwarded to them all. It appears that phpList and the like require you to use the website to send email to the list. I have too many emails to add 1 forwarder at a time. I think the biggest issue here is the ability for a 3rd party app to watch for incoming email at an email created on inmotion hosting. Thoughts? Thanks.

Thank you for your question on forwarding emails to a list. With phpList and the like, you will be logging into an interface and using that to send the mass mailings. As for monitoring incoming emails to then take and perform a task for, I am not aware of any commercially available software that does that. It would need to monitor the mail system on the server. It would be possible to code such a thing if you desired, however that is not something that can be done on our shared servers.

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