Mail classified as spam

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The email response is being blocked by the spam filter, and is only a simple text.
We are a company that is dedicated to the sale of products and we do not send spam only contact us with the clients who know us, could they exclude our emails from those filters?

Hello NelsonRV,

Sorry for the issues with outbound emails being marked for spam. If you're sending business emails, at least within the US, they may be subject to filters based on FTC guidelines in order to stop spam proliferation. You can find more information here:

To prevent your email from being marked as spam, make sure that any business emails that you send comply with the terms of the FTC guidelines to prevent spam. Also, please review the InMotion Hosting guide to keep your messages from generating 550 spam errors.

If your email is still being marked as spam, the domain can be whitelisted, but you would need to submit a verified support ticket with an example of the email being falsely marked as spam in order for this to be done. Remember that although we whitelist you, it doesn't mean that the recipient server will accept your email if it doesn't conform to the standards that they use. Some servers have become strict in how they accept email in order to reduce spam content.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know.


Arnel C.