Can I determine my Email limit status

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I know the email limit of my account. Is there a way to determine or find the current status of that count; ie: my limit is 255/hr and i have sent 245. Preferably finding it real time so a decision can be made to slow or halt sending. My mailing list is dynamically determined from a sql database and i can easily make a decision to change the delay between emails if i know i am reaching the limit.


Thank you for your question about email limit status. Since you are on a shared server, you would not have access to this. On our shared servers there is a limit to the number of emails sent per hour to help prevent spam. The initial limit is 250 emails per hour per cPanel account. If you need to send out more emails then are permitted, you can request the limit be raised. You can send us a Bulk Email Request in your Account Management Panel (or AMP).

You can have this level of access on a VPS, or Dedicated server plan.

Alternately, it may be easier to set a hard limitation in the software. For example spread the mail times out throughout the day (250 per hour allows you to send 6000 emails a day).

If you have any further questions, feel free to post them below.

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