phpList Bounces being sent to incorrect email

  • Answered
We have configured our phpList bounce settings according to these procedures:

The bounces are being sent to the correct return-path email; however, these bounces are also being sent to our company's admin email, which we want to stop. How can we do this?


Sorry that you're having problems with getting bounces from phpList to your admin email. Typically, something like this the result of an email forwarder. To resolve it, you should use a different email addresses in the setting for the bounces. If you need to have emails going to a particular email address (such as a "no-reply" email), then you can create a forwarder to go to that email address. However, bear in mind that the address you're forwarding to may already have a forwarder assigned to it. You may need to remove a forwarder, use two separate email addresses, or simply create a filter at the admin level that deletes emails from bounces.

I hope this helps to answer your question, please let us know if you require any further assistance.


Arnel C.