Alternative to GNU Mailman or Majordomo

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I'm looking for an alternative to GNU Mailman or Majordomo that I can run on a shared hosting account. My primary requirement is that the mailing list allow two-way conversations in that any subscriber to the list can post to the list. Second requirement is that posts to the list be archived.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.
I have long searched for a Mailman replacement myself and finally found Mailster ( It is a Joomla plugin and compared to traditional mailing list software really easy to setup.
They do not offer a standalone version unfortunately. However they will launch a WordPress plugin later this year.

Hello radioi6,

Thank you for your mailing list questions. We are not familiar with all software out there, so we are unable to give a comparison of them all. The one that we see most commonly used on our servers is PHPList. I am not sure of all the features, but is another option for you to investigate.

Kindest Regards,

Scott M