We have an email list and I setup DaDa Mail

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I setup DaDa Mail today on our account for Books4School.com.

We have approx. 60,000 email addresses on our list and want to migrate it over to DaDa Mail so I need to do a mass email to that list to get people over to re-subscribe.

I want to know if there will be any issues with me doing the mass email to the list to perform the re-subscribes? And, are there any other instructions that I need to know about other than simply performing an invitation email from DaDa Mail.

Do you need to know when I plan to perform the large email?

Peter Greene
608-444-8061 (cell)
Hello Mr. Greene,

You will need to rate limit emails being sent out and because of the volume you will need to sign off on the Bulk Mail Information Request first. Systems will need to review the issue. You could have an adverse effect on the server sending out emails for that many people. I have already sent the Bulk Mail Information Request to you. Please wait on the reply to that email before sending anything out. If you were to send this many emails out without notification on the account they would suspend your account. So please respond to the Bulk Mail email that sent to you, and wait for systems response before proceeding.


If you have any further questions, please contact technical support or leave a comment at the bottom of the page.


Arnel C.