How to submit my information and images from android phone programatically

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I am java application developer and from some where I read that to make it happen means to upload data and images I will require ftp server and then i will have to call it.But i dnt know from where i should start and how would i pass my login username and password of my inmotion hosting account.
I am bit confuse about the workflow now.If we can connect to ftp then how ftp would call your server further.
Please give me some helpful link or tutorial from where I can get started.
Thanks for your fast reply.
My question may be annoying some time.
Hello kxxxxij,

While it is possible to do so via an android app, developing such an app requires creating the app in the Java programming language.

You can opt to create a website optimized for mobile devices. This does not require java programming, but would require normal web design languages of HTML, CSS, and PHP. This may require a developer depending on your current skill level. This option would be accessible by both Droid and iPhone users.

Best Regards,
Scott M