Force SSL in a businees hosting plan

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I haven´t been able to force the use SSL in my site. I already modify the .htacces file and the site keeps login to the unsecure version.

Hope you can help...
John-Paul B

Hi Zainawaz,

I noticed you updated your question recently. If you are still having issues, I recommend reviewing all the rules within your .htaccess file. There may be other rules interfering with the rule that is forcing SSL. 

Also, if you are using a CMS such as WordPress or PrestaShop for example, check the settings within the dashboard or admin section. There may be a setting there that needs to be set up.

You may also have to clear your browser cache after making the change, since your browser may not be reflected the recent .htaccess change.

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Hello yomiyomis, Thank you for your question on SSL in a businees hosting plan. The issue you have is not based on your hosting plan itself, but the software. Your action of forcing the ssl via htacess should work for most setups. Some, however need a little extra configuration. I see you are using PrestaShop. We have an article on setting your PrestaShop to SSL. Although it is written for version 1.5, it should also work for 1.6x. Kindest Regards, Scott M