Free SSL renewal problem

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We received a warning email when our free SSL try to recertify. This is part of the email message " AutoSSL would normally renew this certificate now, but 1 of the website’s secured domains just failed DCV. " The domain at fault is "". I don't recognize this domain. What is its purpose and how do I resolve this issue.

IMH Support Agent 1
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Thank you for contacting us regarding renewal issues with a free SSL. A "mail." subdomain is often used for routing mail traffic to a specific location by pointing the DNS (using an MX Record) to a server that is used for only handling email transmissions.

Your SSL may have trouble validating because it is pointed to a different server from where your website is hosted.

If your problems persist, I recommend contacting our live support team so they can look at your setup and replicate the error in your specific account.

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