Can't log into webmail

  • Answered
I browsed your site for an hour searching on how to login webmail , I found many answers and I tried them all.
but the question is: can I log into webmail if my domain is: ? (not:
I mean that I don't want to log in from my cpanel which use roundcube.
I want to let anyone signin the mail that I had given to him from his PC without logging in my cpanel.
Hello, Logging into webmail does not require logging into the cPanel. In fact, it should never require that. On our servers, you get to the cPanel by using This is the same no matter how your domain name is registered ( or This works the same for the webmail. You would simply use and you will see the Webmail login page. To log in, use the full email address ([email protected]) and password for the individual account. This will allow the user to choose their interface and use their email. If you missed it, we have an article on how to log into webmail for our servers. Kindest Regards, Scott M