Can't see email address in Roundcube of imported contacts

  • Answered
I have imported Outlook contacts, and all fields are visible in the address book, except the email. When writing a new email, the contact email appears in the autocomplete of the "to" field!!! So, the mail is stored


Thank you for your question today. In my test, I am not experiencing this issue. All information is importing as it should.

What type of file are you using in the import? Is it a csv file, or another format? Also, does this only occur with Outlook import files? or are you able to duplicate it with other files such as SquirrelMail, gmail, hotmail, Thunderbird, etc?

If you have a hosting account with us and have a test file for import, we could test it on your specific account. This would require us to know account specific information, however. You can contact our Live Support team if you wish so that they can look at your account for you.

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Scott M