server name for domain mail roundcube installed using softaculous

  • Answered
I have used softaculous to install roundcude as the mail client for my domain
Ii was hoping to use the url to use this for which I have the user name & password & the server. (emails accounts were created under cpanel). after i key in these credentials i get the error " no data received"
what could possibly be wrong???


Sorry for the problem with setting up Roundcube. Basically, even though you are setting up the client, the domain or subdomain used to access mail is setup elsewhere. You'd have to setup a CNAME or A record to point to the URL you wish to use. For example, by default, there is a CNAME pointed to your primary domain name for You can use the Advanced DNS editor to modify your DNS settings. We already do have the Roundcube client setup and it's designated to run through particular ports. When you set it up on your webserver, it will run through port 80 unless you setup a SSL certificate.

Roundcube settings should be setup like any email client. You can find the settings by reviewing this tutorial: How to find your email settings.

I hope that helps to answer your question! If you require further assistance, please let us know!


Arnel C.