Roundcube: emails bouncing back

  • Answered
Hi ,

i'm trying to send emails through roundcube and they are bouncing back as failed to submit. can someone help please!!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with emails bouncing back via RoundCube. In order to try and assist with any advice, we would need a bit more information on the issue.

Have you tested other email clients such as Horde or Squirrelmail on your account? Do you use a desktop client as well such as Outlook or Thunderbird/ Does it do it with any of those?

Does it do it with every email address or a single one? Does it do it for all sent emails or only ones sent to specific addresses?

Are you getting a bounceback message after sending? What is the content of that bounce back message? These type of messages usually include a reason for bouncing.

Kindest Regards,
Scott M