Three New Problems with Webmail

  • Answered
There are three new problems with web email. They did not exist before, and they're present in both Horde, Roundcube and SquirrelMail:
* Unread mail count not appearing in webpage title / tab.
* “Clear Trash on logout” setting not working.
* Can not deleted unused special folders.

To reproduce:

1. Login to any of the three webmail clients.
2. Create email and mail to self.
EXPECTED RESULT: Webpage title tab reflects the unread count "(1) Webmail – Main"
ACTUAL RESULT: Webpage title remains unchanged.
3. Verify: Settings -> Server Settings -> “Clear Trash on logout” is checked.
4. Delete test email from step 3.
RESULT: email moved to "Trash" directory.
5. Logout.
6. Login per step 1.
EXPECTED RESULT: Draft email deleted.
ACTUAL RESULT: Draft email remains in "Trash" directory.
7. Goto: Settings -> Special Folders.
8. Special folders "Archive" and "Junk" are not used.
9. Goto: Settings -> Folder.
10. Delete folders "Archive" and "Junk".
RESULT: Folders are deleted.
11. Goto: Mail link.
12. Goto: Settings -> Folder.
EXPECTED RESULT: "Archive" and "Junk" folders remain deleted.
ACTUAL RESULT: "Archive" and "Junk" folders are recreated.

I tried emailing customer support but they were evasive and unhelpful. Not a good reflection on inmotionhosting.
Hello, Thank you for your question regarding problems with webmail. It is true, unread email counts no longer appear in tab titles. This is not supported in cPanel at this time, see more in this official cPanel forum post. The issue of not deleting trash on logout is also a known issue with an open bug report in cPanel, see more in this post: Clear Trash on Logout no longer working on Roundcube + Paper Lantern These issues are related to cPanel no longer supporting x3 and changing to Paper Lantern interface. "Dovecot and Courier are now configured to inform mail clients of special IMAP folders such as Trash, Junk, Sent, and Archive...Thus, it's not possible to remove them..." Read more here: IMAP folders automatically created that can't be deleted Thank you, John-Paul