Roundcube doesn't receive Mails

  • Answered
Hi friends,
when i have send and received mails "within" the round cube web mail. But, we go for Gmail to Roundcubemail it's Receiving mails but take long time for single mail
( Note : it's not happening at all time some times only )
Roundcube to Roundcube mail = Sending & Receiving Normally (No problem here)

Roundcube to Gmail = Sending Normally (No problem here)
"problem here"
Gmail to Roundcube mail = Receiving Mails "it's take time for half hour or one hour" for single mail

please give solutions for this problem ........!!!

Hello Bala,

Thank you for your question regarding roundcube not receiving email. Check your MX records to ensure they are all pointing to your Roundcube host. For example, if you are not using Google mail services anymore, the MX records should be removed.

Next, for additional clues check your mail logs for time stamps, and record of the transmission times.

Thank you,